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Package: The Wendake Getaway Package

Escapade Wendake

A getaway is a way to escape the routines of everyday life. It doesn’t matter whether you come from far away or not, Wendake is also a complete getaway destination. You’ll feel like you’re going on a getaway even if you live in Québec City, as we are located just 20 minutes from downtown.

The pleasures of food being one of the great ways to get away from it all, this package includes a dinner at the renowned Restaurant La Traite. You’ll be charmed by its cuisine inspired by the Indigenous terroir and its delightful terrace located on the banks of the Akiawenhrahk’ River. To perfectly complement your evening, our sommelier will be happy to offer you a food and wine pairing ($) adapted to your choice of dishes. In short, Wendake is a complete change of scenery near Québec City!

This package includes:

• One (1) night in a comfort room;
• One (1) three-course dinner at Restaurant La Traite;
• One (1) breakfast at Restaurant La Traite;
Access to the indoor pool and the fitness room*; and
Service charge.

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*COVID-19: To ensure your safety in a pandemic context, the swimming pool is only accessible by reservation. This is mandatory for your family and, if available, gives you exclusive access to the pool and fitness room for a period of 30 minutes.

Additional activity recommendation:
For a complete escape from the hassles of everyday life, you can spend some time at Nation Santé-Spa, which is part of the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations complex. It isn’t possible to include one of the spa treatments directly in the package, because the spa is keen to offer you personalized service and ensure that the treatment reserved meets your expectations. So, it’s important to contact them directly. In fact, the Nation Santé-Spa is a unique Indigenous experience. Massage therapy and body treatments are the main services offered to you whether you’re alone or in a group. Nordic baths, waterfalls, a large tent for relaxation, firepit, and yurt are also all available on-site. In short, it’s an unparalleled multi-sensory experience focused on pampering and relaxation!


Nation Santé-Spa reservation details

Package recommendation:
Do you want to travel with your dog, your cat—in short, with your pet? We have a package specially designed to make this getaway possible! The welcoming of your faithful companion will follow the same traditions of hospitality recognized in the Huron-Wendat culture. Little special touches await them in your room, such as a comfort cushion to rest on after the trip, outdoor walks, a cat tree to continue doing their daily exercises, beautiful stainless-steel bowls, and, of course, little treats!

The Four-legged package is a getaway near Québec City as much for you as for your faithful companion.

Starting from 174$ Per person Double occupancy
Starting from 412$ Per family 2 adults & 2 children (6-12)
*all prices are for comfort rooms *Extra charge for Sunday brunch *Free parking & WiFi *Services are included *Taxes are extra

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