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Package: A night in the longhouse

The longhouse is a symbol of family, of hospitality and of the legendary welcome of the Huron-Wendat Nation.

Go back to before the arrival of the Europeans in 1534 to experience an activity in a traditional longhouse. This Iroquoian longhouse reconstitution, built entirely of wood and bark and heated by fire, will provide you with an authentic and memorable experience.

Your “pre-contact” experience in the longhouse includes:

  • One (1) activity “Myths and Legends” in the longhouse;
  • One (1) Labrador tea in the longhouse;
  • A fire keeper who takes cares of the fire and your dreams for the whole night;
  • One (1) comfort room in Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations for modern conveniences;
  • One (1) breakfast at La Traite Restaurant.

*You can also visit the longhouse with two activities offered by the Huron-Wendat Museum: Discovery interpretative tour or Longhouse Tour

Starting from 650$ Per person Double occupancy
Starting from 1222$ Per family 2 adults & 2 children (6-12)
*all prices are for comfort rooms *Extra charge for Sunday brunch *Free parking & WiFi *Services are included *Taxes are extra

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